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I like using i Tunes for Mac, but I don’t like keeping all my music on my local disk.When you have a 128 GB Mac Book and are juggling several games with a Windows VM for jailbreak articles, it gets cramped.

With the latest i Tunes 7 update, there are now (typically) two folders and two files in here (pictured above): Now I'm sure that, as with many tricks like this, there are a number of ways to accomplish the task.You may want to keep a copy of your music on a external storage so in case of computer crash, you can easily restore them.Your i Tunes library may become too large, you are forced to back up music songs from i Tunes to an external hard disk.There are 3 main ways of adding music to an i Tunes library; purchased downloads from the i Tunes Music Store, ripping CDs directly into i Tunes, and importing files that are already on your hard drive into your library.The default settings in i Tunes are to encode AAC files, which are supported by Serato software, however we recommend MP3 encoding.

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Ironically, this step will tax your local hard drive even more, depending on how much stuff is stored on your machine but not within the library folders.

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