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Dating theater

The opera, set inside “a kaleidoscopic video tent” sets the text of online dating profiles and guides to live music in its examination of how people find love in the age of the internet.

into “a psychedelic LUVetarium” from May 24 to June 10, when the show will run.

Based in Berlin, her work has been supported by MOMENTUM Gallery, Camden People’s Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, the Space UK, TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art in Poland, a Fulbright Fellowship in Spain, the International Festival of the Delphic Games in Greece, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Colorado, and the Subterranean Art House in Berkeley, California.

She is currently exploring game design as a dramaturgical approach to theater in order to allow audiences more emotional and personal investment in what happens on stage.

Headphones and loops are available from the concessions bar in the lobby.

It is a highly interactive, theatre based presentation that explores issues associated with dating violence and bystander intervention using scenarios very familiar to young people.

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Remote Control encourages bystander intervention and highlights how young men can help to prevent abuse.

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