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Datingroll com

This Norwegian spruce's 9,550-year-old root system is credited to the conifer's "ability to clone itself." See how scientists determined its age and why it's expected to keep living for a very long time.

You've heard about people seeing their lives flash before their eyes.

In this interactive, it's an isotope's half-life you watch speed past.

And you don't even have to be on the verge of dying to do it!

2 groups are "losing" is based on their own behavior and media stereotypes. You know you have it bad, when you wake up next to the guy you’re dating, roll over and say, “Honey, I have to buy yellow shoes.” 3. Go on over to Betty for celebrity, health, love and sex stuff you can use! I just met Georgette Mosbacher and was incredibly impressed by her warmth, charm and sunny nature. Grab the Leah & Bliss Mini Uptown pearl black calfskin handbag (0). My family’s been in NYC for ages; my great something grandfather was the first person to have a car, thereby making it unsafe for future generations of NYers to cross the street. I think Vionnet was a genius and adored Alexander Mc Queen’s sensibility- I cried myself silly when he died and I didn’t know him. If I had to steal a job, it would have to be Ralph Rucci’s- but then again- he’s such a brilliant designer, I couldn’t even design a sleeve the way he does. Vanessa Hudgens’ been spotted wearing Melinda Maria mini pod bangles in white diamond CZ (5). Where are you going to stick your lippie, gum, keys and other important stuff?

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Lily and Paul were married when she was 17 and were only man and wife for a few weeks before he went to war.

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