Ha neul dating explain the concept of relative dating

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Meanwhile, Kim Ha Neul is currently filming movie Female Teacher.

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If I ever get my chance to visit Korea, it is my dream to see him perform in a live musical production. Every time I'm looking around for new (or old) dramas/movies to watch I always find my way back here, hoping to see something new. supper mom drama, he played the second lead in it and he was reall cute ( because he was abt 17 at that time)...... He's a cute guy with good acting, why he is not that popular? most memorable performance for me was Park Dong Joo Angel Eyes. I mean, I pairing him with Kim Ji Won, because both of them were in To The Beautiful You and The Heirs. In misaeng his role is not far from that and the difference is the work-life only. My husband and I really, really love his acting and what a musician and singer, just beautiful.

When I see his face I just remember the perfect acting he displays every in all of his characters. that was my very first time watching his drama, and i adored hem so much.... i will revisit the other KDramas (how could i have missed you? Although you're not the lead actor in that drama, but I like you more than Minho a.k.a Kang tae joon.. I would love to see both of them as main couple in musical drama, they both really great! He has the quality of being a huge star in the near future. i never say he's bad at acting but his same-role makes me feeling bored. I am watching the drama "to the beautiful you" and I think he is very very handsome and has a very good body and figure.

He is leaving for his 2 yrs as well, at this rate I might as well stop watching dramas for a while b/c ALL my favorite actors are joining this year!

I hear that he has done a lot of musical theatre in his career. I absolutely loved him in Angel Eyes, and I fell so hard for his acting in Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Although he ended up becoming such a hated character, in the beginning, he was simply just perfection). l thought he is older than Kim So-eun by 2 years or so! They are so cute in The Heirs~ i watched 'twenty' ,'angel eyes " "the heirs","monstar","to the beautiful you" and he's always amazing,i love him so much .especially in "angel eyes "he captured my heart within few episodes .i wish they recognize u a first lead drama one of the best actors I've seen. You are still young, I'm sure you can be a great and famous actor in future.. that after I finished it, I found that he's actually musical stage actor! I feel in love with him in TTBY and now in Monstar! i fall for him when i saw him for the first time in Monstar... i wish Min Se-Yei character was played by me so that he would hold my hand instead of her... as if he is fond of talking and playing with kids.... The rep continued, "They have been dating for about a year now, and he′s a businessman one year her junior.We don′t know the specifics as they are her personal affairs, but we heard that they′re in a serious relationship." Rumors of Kim Ha Neul dating have been circulating in the entertainment industry for some time.I fell in love with him in To The Beautiful You and am working my way through his repetoire.Besides being adorable and a great actor the man can sing like an angel! I knew him from The Heirs, and then I did watch Angel Eyes "Only his episodes", and I didn't know if he actually has musical talent! I wonder what happened to him from 2008-2010...school or army service maybe?

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Her boyfriend is reportedly tall, handsome and comes from a wealthy family.

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