Why is ad aware se not updating

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Ad-Aware Pro Security combines antivirus and anti-spyware for a complete anti-malware suite.

The antivirus software is designed to detect and defend against viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, bot networks, hackers, keyloggers and all sorts of other online security threats.

And with i Cloud Photo Library, you can store a lifetime’s worth of photos and videos in the cloud. A simple design and intuitive editing features make it easy to create beautiful 4K movies and Hollywood-style trailers.

And with i Movie Theater, you can enjoy them on all your devices.

Built-in smart scan technology checks previously-scanned files with less frequency to conserve system resources.

view all features The on-demand scanner offers users multiple options for antivirus scanning.

Adaware antivirus pro provides a complete line-of-defense against hackers, cyber threats and malware.

Ad-Aware Pro Security is the full-featured version of the antivirus software that adds rootkit removal and real-time protection.Like a human virus, a virus makes the infected computer “sick”: it causes poor performance, crashes, lost files and data, or more.Also like a human virus, a computer virus replicates itself.The most common examples of a firewall are most consumer and small-business routers.These devices not only allow multiple computers to be connected to a single internet connection, but they act as a type of firewall, protecting against malicious traffic from the internet.

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